Later Life Advice

Learn about Chorus Independent Financial Planning


As specialist care fees advisers we will help you to compare and assess all your options before deciding which one is right for you.

We recognise that an older client’s needs are specific and that financial issues can be complicated and daunting. The anxiety caused by this is recognised and we are happy and able to assist with your concerns. We aim to bring you peace of mind by giving practical advice on everyday matters, as well as planning ahead for the future.

We offer advice which is tailored to meet your own specific circumstances, assisting individuals and families facing the prospect of funding care. Each case is assessed on its individual merits, considering all aspects of your current and prospective financial situation.

We are passionate about finding the best solutions for our clients in all aspects of their financial planning to help them achieve the most out of their finances. When it comes to paying for care fees we help families through the maze of understanding the benefits they are entitled to and putting in to place financial solutions to help pay for care fees and protect the family wealth.